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We work in two main ways.

Deciding where to sail…

In the same way you ready your boat with everything needed to catch the most fish. We collaborate with you to make your brand the most effective possible in front of customers. We then work with you on the direction needed to convert new business.

That includes:

  • - Brand and Communications Strategy
  • - Target Market Definition
  • - New Business Planning
  • - Goal Setting

Casting the net.

Your boat is ready. All it needs now is the best team to set sail, and work hard to catch the fish. That team, is the HOKI Collective.

We capture new business leads, qualify them and bring them back to you ready for you to convert.

That process includes:

  • - Targeted prospecting in line with GDPR
  • - Lead generation
  • - SEO and content strategies
  • - Marketing strategy

The HOKI Collective specialises in business development for brands in the Creative Industry. We want long term partners and regular results for you.

Nothing makes us happier than bringing you a fresh haul of new business opportunities every day.

If you want to go on the journey, drop us an e-mail.

The HOKI Collective is named after the ugliest fish off the coast of New Zealand, but the most essential to the countries fishing economy.

A bit like Business Development really, it's not the sexiest thing, but get it right and it will prop up your entire business.

We specialise in working with creative businesses who don't have internal sales and marketing teams.

If that sounds like you and you are sick of not getting success with new business, say hello to the team on email and we'll arrange an open chat.